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Reason One

Reason One

Build acquisition strategies that can increase brand demand.

Citibank wanted to augment customer acquisition for the NRI savings Accounts, NRI deposits and various other Citibank products by using digital media.

Insight & Implementation
Using advanced media analytics, we created ad-serving funnels across 100 sites frequented by Target audience. The sites were changed and campaign durations were altered to hit the optimized acquisition rate.
A record number of leads across categories at an economical Cost per Lead.

Timesjobs wanted innovative yet cost effective digital tactics to increase the number of resumes added to their website daily and hence increase their current market share.

• Insight
• “ filling up of forms is a very irritating and a time consuming experience”
• Create a simple banner that is a “one stop shop” for registration on Timesjobs – a single, end–to–end call for action within the banner itself.
• The banner developed allowed the user to “directly” upload his resume within the banner without undergoing the registration process. These resumes get captured directly onto a server

• Campaign carried over 30 odd websites on different genres, with over 50 million impressions served across them.
• Over 98% delivery of leads as projected prior to deployment leading to a 48% efficiency in Cost per Acquisition.
• These efficiency in deliveries led to client spending in the tune of 5 times the amount spent in the first phase.
• Runaway success on Yahoo.co.in and Yahoo.com
• Received a Cannes cyber shortlist and also has been a winner at Asia Pacific Ad festival and at various other festivals.

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