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Open Source Application Development

With the ever-rising popularity of and free accessibility to open source software, web developers are making the increasing use of this technology as against the proprietary software packages. In contrast to the more closed and centralized systems of web development under the closed source or proprietary model, open source allows the developers the full freedom to develop and distribute web applications.

Fortune Technolabs has the capability to develop almost any type of enterprise software application under software as a service model, be it content management system (CMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), or customer relationship management (CRM). We can also develop e-commerce applications such as price lists, product demos, product information, shopping carts and safe and secure payment gateway.

We offer open source application development for your various business requirements. Fortune Technolab’s open source application development employs the famous combination of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) – one of the widely popular open source combinations. Fortune Technolabs has multifaceted experience in open source application development meeting exact requirements of your various business needs.

Applications developed by us are fully tested before delivery to avoid any complications at a later stage. Our aim has always been to develop top quality, time-tested, dependable software and customized web applications at the cheapest rates.

We have core capability in open source application development. This includes PHP website development, Rich Internet Application (RIA) development, PHP MySQL programming, Joomla customization, Drupal website design, Ruby on Rails outsourcing, and website designing by our PHP programmer, Drupal designers programmer, open source programmer developers and PHP website designer.

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