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Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing or E-marketing refers to marketing of products and services over the Internet. Internet marketing services are now gaining grounds over conventional marketing (print media, radio, etc) due to huge increase in global audience, faster broadband connections and the advent of Web 2.0.

As the amount of sites began to rise at a huge rate since the 1990s, finding the right information on the Web became difficult. To help the users to find the information quickly, search engines started to appear from the mid-1990s. Now it is possible to locate the required web page(s) with the help of major search engines such as Google and Yahoo by typing the relevant keywords.

The keyword based indexing and crawling systems used by the major search engines has created intense competition among the site owners to remain at the top of the search engine result return pages (SERPs). This in turn has given rise to website promotion services, a form of global E-marketing for promoting websites’ visibility on SERPs by using various ethical means (white hat SEO techniques). This involves using the most appropriate keywords and phrases relevant to a given website and its target audience.

As an E-marketing company, we offer different types of internet marketing services like search engine marketing, affiliate marketing services, social media marketing, global branding solution and many more.

As an experienced web marketing company, Fortune Technolabs realizes that online businesses need to push up their sites in order stay in competition by gaining a good position on the Web. To help you with this, our SEO team has devised a strong and systematic plan outlined below. We offer two types of services:

One-time SEO package involves the following steps:

Appraisal: we do an in-depth study of the current state of your site as to where it is lacking and what are its strengths in terms of its search engine position.

Review: we analyze the site’s precise goals, its target market and audience. This step also includes reviewing the site’s current content and keywords.

Meeting: to devise a plan on how best to promote your site, we set up a conference call or chat with you.

Research: using a variety of tools and techniques, we do an exhaustive research into keywords and key phrases to determine the most appropriate and unique ones.

Approval: we ask for your approval for selection of the most suitable keywords, which according to you best fit to your business goals and target market.

Revision: we again go through the site to determine which web pages need the thorough or partial revision according to approved list of the keywords. We also create Meta tags, Title tags and Alt tags on each individual page based on the unique keywords. This step also involves examining the site structure, site map, navigation and other elements that may hinder the crawling and indexing of the web pages. If needed, we also suggest URL rewriting.

Testing: your site is now set for testing by all parameters. Here we ensure that all the web pages are interlinked and are visible on search engines.

Indexing: to ensure that all the pages of your website are indexed easily, we generate XML site map for Google MAP.

Submission: once the site gets approval, we manually submit it to search engines and directories.

Tracking: we keep on tracking the performance of your site. It normally takes 5-10 weeks after submission for site to get listed and ranked.

Ongoing monthly SEO service is an alternative plan tailored to clients’ needs. It includes the following but not limited to them:
Tracking and analyzing web traffic reports provided we have access to necessary log information from the client’s server.

  • Tracking and analyzing the client’s rankings in the major search engines based on the targeted keywords;
  • preparing meaningful reports showing the activity, throughput and conversion.
  • Ongoing keyword research: some keywords lose their relevance due to seasonal changes, market issues or world events. Continual keyword research will ensure that your site is always targeting the optimal keywords for your business.
  • Copywriting revisions based on any new keywords.
  • Link building strategies and campaigns – optional.
  • Pay-Per-Click campaign strategies and implementation – optional.
  • Campaigns using email and newsletter creation and implementation – optional.

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