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Multimedia Development

Multimedia web development is a broad term that covers the use of diverse content forms, including text, audio, video, still images, animation as well as interactivity. As the Internet is becoming more and more interactive, users are also demanding active participation. Multimedia design and development has taken on great diversity in the last few years, and we are ready to meet the challenge.

Fortune Technolabs delivers high-end multimedia design development solutions at a fair cost. We handle multimedia application development and create presentations knowing that marketing is an important investment for you. We bring together the best in multimedia development for creating online and multimedia databases, CD-ROM technology, online Flash-based shop cart, animated banner designing and skyscraper banner.

Flash Development & Animation

There is nothing more pleasing than using the Flash based animation for creating rich Internet applications and for adding audio, video, animation and interactivity to web pages. Our Flash development experts excel in this radical web technology and can develop fantastic products that vary from simple Flash presentations, banners and logos to a completely refined Flash website. We have executed dozens of Flash-based projects and we never consider them complete until our customers are entirely satisfied with the outcome.

Flash is the best way to create rich Internet content and Flash application development features allow the creation of rich user interfaces, online advertising, eLearning courses and enterprise application front-ends.

Corporate Presentation Development

While communicating about your business or your company, you need to be as crisp and concise as possible. You need to understand the general profile of your target audience (your stakeholders, vendors, clients, staff etc) and target them accordingly. The medium of communication is also a major factor to consider while going for corporate presentations development.

With our experience in the field of designing and deploying corporate presentations, we can give you consultancy services as well as designing services in the areas of web presentations, CD presentations and printed brochures.

Our team can create audio and video presentations to promote your organization. The presentations with its visual effects and user-friendly navigation can also contain the latest corporate and product information of the company.

Corporate Identity

To set your organization apart from the crowd requires a distinct corporate identity and personality for your online and off line marketing. As your company’s first impression, logo is the deciding factor for many potential clients. Logo is the natural extension of the brand.

Corporate identity and printed collateral designed by Fortune Technolabs can give your business a professional look. We always strive for the best representation of our customers’ most sophisticated ideas, trying to achieve every goal in the most creative and presentable way. Our company is always ready to share its experience with customers to make their corporate identity higher.

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