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Open Lazlo Application Development

OpenLaszlo is a free, open source platform for creating rich internet applications (RIA). OpenLaszlo has been around for quite some time, but many web developers are not aware of this new technology. It is a technology similar to FLEX, using XML and JavaScript.

At Fortune Technolabs, we make it practical to develop rich Internet applications in XML and JavaScript using OpenLaszlo, which we can later deploy in any browser with the Flash 5 Player or above. We can also deploy them as DHTML/AJAX. In short, OpenLaszlo allows us to create browser-based applications, which have the rich functionality of desktop applications.

The main advantage of OpenLaszlo is that it is an open source technology as opposed to other RIA technologies (i.e. FLEX, which are free but not open source). Unlike FLEX, you don’t need to pay for development server or any IDE. Being open source, OpenLaszlo allows access to its code, so if you have a problem, you can make out exactly what in the source code is causing it.

It is possible to use OpenLaszlo for developing commercial as well as proprietary applications, as it is released under the Common Public License (CPL) license. The only limitation is you cannot distribute the applications created with OpenLaszlo under a non-CPL license. However, we think that given the advantages of using OpenLaszlo, this limitation is not something to worry about.

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