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Web design is a skill, rather an art, of producing visual display of content when designing web pages and applications. As a professional website design company, Fortune Technolabs leads its web developers to believe in and comply with the mission motto, as follows.

“Create exquisite web design using latest tools and technologies while keeping website’s usability, accessibility, site owner’s interests, user expectations and search engine optimization in mind”.

As an offshore web designing company, we follow the above motto religiously at every stage of the web design process. Here we try to elaborate every finer point of our mission to understand its benefits from your point of view.

Exquisite web design: we believe that elegance should be the hallmark of an attractive website. It should be classy enough to attract and engage the user. When designing a website, we take every care to ingrain all the attractive features to make it eye-catching at the same time not too taxing on the end-user. In short, websites designed by us give an esthetic experience to the viewers.

Tools and technologies: we make phenomenal use of both open source LAMP platform and MS.NET tools for creating the website that really work. With growing popularity and demand for flash website design, we make use of this radical tool to its fullest level to develop dynamic and interactive flash web design. We offer best flash web designing services, logo designing services, Flash Action Script development, flash animation development and flash applications development.

Usability: we ensure that your website is easy to use for end-users, without requiring any special training on their part. Usability should not be an afterthought. Testing and fixing a website after its creation is inefficient and unlikely to produce good results. The idea is to present the information to the user in a clear and concise way. With regard to e-commerce websites, the meaning of web-usability narrows down to efficiency: generating sales and/or performing other transactions valuable to the business.

Accessibility: for your websites to be accessible, we follow the certain accessibility principles, for example, using semantic markup, providing text equivalent for non-text components, using hyperlinks and using CSS instead of HTML tables for layout.

Site owner’s interest: as a corporate web design company, we understand that a site owner’s main interests are generating sales and project a corporate identity. These interests are ingrained into the website.

User expectations: user should be considered throughout the website design process. Before we undertake any web design projects, we do an in-depth research and planning into your user base. Thoroughly considering the audience or target market, as well as defining the purpose and deciding what content will be developed, are extremely important.

Search engine optimization: designing a site is nary a complete process. Your site must stand the vagaries of the search engines. We offer SEO friendly web design solution and when designing a site, we keep the SEO aspects in mind by using the highly used keywords for writing the text for your site.
Our services range from web design outsourcing India, best website design India, flash website design India, Corporate web site design, web designer India, logo design, corporate presentation development. We also serve clients as website designing consultant and you can hire web designers from our company

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