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Web Interface Development

Since its launch, Flash has become quite a popular method for adding dynamism, animation and interactivity to web pages. We combine creative design and technical expertise, so that our Flash applications look more inviting and more functionally advanced than an average Flash site. We develop quality Flash websites for a truly interactive surfing experience for your customers and visitors and we are in full gear to meet all your Flash requirements.

For Flash application development, we use the inbuilt programming language called ActionScript that enables our Flash ActionScript developer team to incorporate intelligent functionality into the applications. It is also possible to combine the use of ActionScript with a back-end system to create an advanced and interactive flash application. This use of Flash has largely remained untapped much due to the technical nature this development process requires. At Fortune Technolabs, designers and programmers work together, and with both working at what they are best at, we can achieve impressive results using the Flash technology.

As a proven Flash development company, we keep up a team of Flash web developers who combine creativity and technical expertise to deliver spellbinding Flash website design solutions that range from Flash animation development, Flash application development to Flash based shopping cart.

Dynamic content is one of the big features of Flash. Flash will become the web standard way of giving users the compelling sound and vision experiences when they visit data rich e-commerce, entertainment, and information sites. The combination of Flash and dynamic content is the web equivalent of the shift from black and white silent movies to full-color talkies.

Fortune Technolabs Web Team has capability to develop Flash-based application with XML interface including SOAP and WSDL. We carry out development in ASP.NET or PHP with MySQL and MS Access or MSSQL database.

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