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Community Forum Development

It is in human nature to form communities or groups around specific causes, ideas, hobbies and common interests. Web 1.0 offered ‘read only’ material, which the user group can view at any time but cannot comment on it or interact to it. The appearance of Web 2.0 changed everything. Now social groups can come together and form a virtual community based on common attributes.

Community forums built upon a single topic or cause can link all the registered members, who can view, sort, contribute and share the content freely. As a discussion board platform, community forums are an excellent way to stay connected to the like-minded people.

Fortune Technolabs has an expert team of software engineers, which can build forum sites for you at the very nominal cost. Our expertise in various programming languages, for example PHP, Perl, Java and ASP, and particularly in open source technology will greatly help to reduce your forum development cost, as you don’t have not to bear software cost (which is free).

We have enough expertise and experience in developing the forums using the popular platform of phpBB. We undertake start to end processes using phpBB to design, integrate and customize community forums according to your themes and specifications.

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