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E-Business Implementation Services

Daily business activities typically involve many interactions with suppliers, partners, employees and customers in a number of ways. In a traditional brick and mortar business setup, all processes involve a lot of physical work and tons of paperwork. E-business, on the other hand, utilizes the information and communication technologies in support of the business activities covering the entire supply chain management.

Of late, the Internet and computer networks have taken over the large chunk of business from the traditional methods of buying and selling of goods and services in form of e-business. With the spread of the Internet rising day-by-day, the amount of business conducted electronically has grown exponentially.

Fortune Technolabs understands the demands of the day. We undertake both the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) web development work. The former relates to the business conducted between a pre-qualified set of people (for example, a private electronic stock exchange). The latter relates to direct buying and selling of goods and services from businesses to consumers over the electronic media (for example, an e-store, a mall or a shopping cart).

We can undertake the whole web development work of B2B or B2C website from designing, application programming, hosting and testing to final delivery of the project at the most economical rates possible. We ingrain the most user-friendly functions and features for seamless operation of your e-commerce websites. We also provide Yahoo store development services for small and med-size e-businesses who want to develop their internet retail business using the Yahoo e-commerce platform. We have a separate Yahoo store developer team that offers hosting services using Yahoo store development tools.

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