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Reason Three

Reason Three

Sponsorships can be turned into engaging, interactive brand experiences.

Create awareness of the new operational routes of AirIndia, Deliver a fresh appeal to target audience, ultimately lead to increased sales queries for travel to those areas..

Created a tactical game to inform online users about the new cities to which AirIndia operates routes.

• Campaign reached 2.9 million unique users with a click-through rate of almost 3.45%
• The interactive games witnessed more than 4000 valid entries

• Maximize awareness of newly launched Idea Cellular VAS
• Talk India, Flexi Charge,Idea Samsung Lifetime Idea

• Targeted Online Advertising in Idea Cellular Circles only.Long Duration with Low Budgets. Impact-full creatives with overall Synergies with Offline Campaigns

• Media Selection-Reach building portals only,High Impact and definite exposure ad units.
•Technology-Deploying ad serving technology for targeted Idea Circles Only
• Creative -Using offline ad storyboards of the popular sumo mascots to re-create rich media creatives for the online campaign

• Campaign achieved approx 257,403 clicks the Campaign
• The campaign achieved 4.8 times of the Industry Standard of click throughs.

• Use internet to promote Andaman Tourism, at a global scale.

Implementation/ Idea
• Worked closely with the offline agency, identified the KRAs and put up a media plan across India, Europe and USA.

• Leveraged the internet for targeting and delivering high impact advertising at low cost per individual user reached.

Issue/ Brief:
• Maximize awareness for IPO through Internet for potential NRI retail investors. Time span 15 Days.

• We designed the approach and focused on a niche target group, identifying high proven and potential incidence of the targeted traffic. We spread our creatives across high traffic NRI horizontals and community portals, online news and publication sites, NRI financials and Matrimonial sites.

Impact/ Result:
• The response was record breaking. With higher visibility and premium ad formats, a whopping number of 17.142 million impressions were delivered.

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